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NCAtrak is backed by a dedicated team of experts. From our support staff, to our developers, hosting partners, and testers, the NCAtrak team is committed to providing a secure, compliant, high-functioning case management environment built by CACs for CACs. Schedule a demo to meet us!

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Case Dashboard

NCAtrak is designed to guide you through the process of entering cases quickly and efficiently. Enter all required information for a case, customize fields to streamline the collection of information based on your workflow, search for existing cases and people, avoid duplication, view case profiles and history, enter case notes, and much more.

NCAtrak gives you the flexibility and ease to customize your intake process and organize case data according to your needs. You can also share case details on a need-to-know basis. Whether a partner needs access to an entire case file, or the defense is legally entitled to a single piece of evidence, NCAtrak helps you store case documents and control access safely and securely.

Custom Reports

Leave behind extraneous content and only retrieve the data you need to report more accurately to funders, government and partner agencies, MDT members, Chapters and others who help you serve kids better.

Along with the many built-in reports, NCAtrak provides users the ability to create powerful custom reports using the tools provided to set report parameters and define the exact data you require. Not only can you create case reports, you can also generate management and schedule reports about the activities of your CAC and/or specific personnel related to a case.


The calendar feature in NCAtrak allows you to keep track of prevention programming, MDT Trainings, fundraising events, and appointments. Scheduled appointments for forensic interviews, medicals, mental health, or victim advocacy can be sent via email to MDT partners to be transferred to their outlook calendars.

Data Visualizations

Visualize your data within NCAtrak with pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and customizable widgets that allow you to see what you need at a glance.

Chapter Features

With NCAtrak’s chapter features, chapters can better understand the nuances of the cases their members work with and quickly access the collective knowledge of service providers across their state, leveraging a vast network of support to create better outcomes for the children they serve.

NCAtrak allows chapters to access information across jurisdictions by breaking down digital silos with secure access to the database without personally identifiable information from participating CACs across their state.

When it comes to helping children, there is no time to waste. NCAtrak’s precision query and reporting tool allows chapters to find the exact information they need, right when they need it. With a few clicks, chapters can create dynamic statewide summaries of case data that help them tell their story in compelling ways.

Chapter users can make use of customizable dashboards to access personalized home screens that can visualize the real-time data they want to track, including the number of cases entered, services provided, and counties served.

Medical and Mental Health Records

NCAtrak offers the capability to enter information about Medical Examinations and Mental Health Services. Embedded in the Medical Tab is an Electronic Medical Record that allows specific information gathered during the medical exam to be documented. The Mental Health Tab includes the capability to document sessions and information regarding mental health services, including telehealth. Additionally, victim advocacy services can be tracked for VOCA reporting purposes